Wisdom Organic Chain (WOC)

1. Introduction 

The bottleneck in the development of the agricultural industry is mainly caused by the imbalance between supply and demand of agricultural products. The main reasons lie within three major links of agricultural production, circulation, and consumption. The producers and consumers are too dispersed, the bargaining power is weak, and the information between these two sides is asymmetric. There is a lack of effective communication platform in the existing market, and the circulation merchants control the value hub of the industrial chain. These make it difficult for producers to expand the scale of planting and improve the quality of their products. Therefore, consumers can hardly buy quality and cheap agricultural products. What's worse, the low-cost competition of distributors worsen the ecological environment of the industry and hinder the development of the industry.

Wisdom Organic Chain aims to construct a transparent and credible agricultural public chain to guarantee and safeguard all participants' benefits. At the same time, it punishes and expels malicious competitors in order to build a global agricultural ecological circle. With Wisdom Organic Chain, manufacturers are able to disclose all the real information of the product and their competitive advantages on the chain. Circulation companies can use big data to analyze the quality of the products and select credible producers. Consumers can purchase trusted agricultural products based on all the information about products and reviews of merchants through Wisdom Organic Chain's DAPP application.

2. WOC Distribution

WOC is the official token distributed by Wisdom Organic Chain. WOC is a digital asset based on the public chain of "Wisdom Organic Chain".

  • Total Supply: 10,000,000,000 WOC
  • 8,000,000,000 WOC were locked through a smart contract at the address of QXRM5RM9TR4BQJH89eAfK4UjYZ1cRDKzpU
  • The distribution of the 2,000,000,000 WOC is as follows:


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