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Mid-Autumn Festival Campaign Winner Announcement

Dear BitMart Users:


Thank you all for participating in our Mid-Autumn Festival Campaign. Your 30 BMX bonus for sharing event poster will be sent to your account within 7 business days.


The winners with most likes are as follows:

  • Diamond Prize 2,000 BMX: 186****2135 361 likes
  • Golden Prize 1,000 BMX: 313*** 221 likes
  • Silver Prize 500 BMX: 09*** 192 likes


Congratulations to the winners! You will receive your BMX rewards in your BitMart account within the next 7 business days. For those who didn’t win, we will be announcing new promotions in the near future, check our announcements regularly so you don’t miss out! Also, don’t forget that our You Get Paid to Invite Friends and Let BitMart Work For You Program is still ongoing! Don’t miss the chance to earn up to 20,000 BMX and free BTC!


Thank you for supporting BitMart!


BitMart Team

September 26, 2018

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