Friendz (FDZ)

1. Introduction

Friendz is a digital marketing company whose main goal is to connect brands to their target audience, taking advantage of the most powerful marketing tool ever, “word of mouth”. Friendz is proud to have introduced a new way of doing digital advertising, based on communication among peers.

Friendz is an already operating product that is providing services through the support of a community of over 200,000 users, continuously engaged in the activities running in the app. The community is always ready and willing to participate in the campaigns organized by Friendz, in exchange for rewards. The reward is issued in order to motivate and appreciate the users for their participation in content creation and validation.

In the future, Friendz is integrating its platform with blockchain, with the aim of decentralizing the digital advertising system. With the future developments of the platform, it will be possible to enhance trust towards users and client companies and to increase the products and services offered. In addition, Friendz's community will become larger and multinational.

2. Token Distribution

50% of the total amount of tokens created will be available during the ICO event. 20% of the tokens will be assigned to an internal Reserve fund, in order to create a deposit of locked tokens that will be used for future financing, to expand the business worldwide beyond European countries. The tokens in the Reserve Fund will be locked for 12 months. 11% of the tokens will go to our Partners as a remuneration for their support to our business. Partners include tax, accounting, legal, strategic, marketing and other partners. 7% of the total amount of tokens will be provided to the advisors and it will be locked for 12 months, to make sure they will be committed to the project as well for a sufficient amount of time. 5% of the tokens will be rewarded to the team over time for their important role of value creation in the project as a whole, in order to motivate them and gain their total commitment 5% of all tokens will be available to the company as a liquidity fund. This fund will be used only if necessary. 2% will be provided to contributors through Bounty programs. 


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