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BitMart Supports the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Hard Fork

Dear BitMart Users,


Accordingly, the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Hard Fork will be scheduled at UNIX time 1542300000 (11:40 AM EST on November 15th, 2018). BitMart will support the BCH hard fork and has prepared a response plan as shown below:

BitMart has been planning to list BCH recently, while the listing was on hold due to the hard fork. BitMart will list both BCH (ABC) and BCH (SV) simultaneously after the hard fork completed and the market leans to stable. Please keep synced with our official announcement for the actual opening date.

BitMart is ready for the BCH hard fork and your future BCH assets will be secure.

Thank you for your support!


BitMart Team

November 14, 2018

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