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BitMart “Vote for Your Coin - Round 5” Vote on the Blockchain with Your First Vote Free!


BitMart Exchange, a premier global digital asset trading platform, recently announced their “Vote for Your Coin - Round 5” campaign. As before, BitMart is cooperating with Atlas Protocol (ATP) to provide a voting campaign utilizing blockchain interaction. 10 projects have been selected among hundreds of projects to participate in this campaign. The project with the most votes will be listed on BitMart Exchange without any listing fee!

Ever since the first “Vote for Your Coin” campaign launched in February 2018, BitMart has successfully conducted four rounds of voting campaigns. Last month, BitMart partnered with ATP to create the very first voting campaign utilizing blockchain interaction, which received massive amounts of positive user feedback! This time, BitMart will continue to use the blockchain voting mechanism to present the most transparent voting platform to the project participants and users.

The campaign is ongoing from 10:00 AM November 16th to 10:00 AM November 30th. Every day each user will be given 1 free vote. Additionally, users can also spend BMX to vote (1 BMX = 1 vote), up to 50 votes per day. Therefore, each user can vote a total of 51 votes (1 free vote + 50 paid votes) each day. When the voting is over, the ATP voting system will investigate and analyze all the votes. After ensuring the voting data is clean and accurate, BitMart will publish the listing announcement for the winning project.

Here are the ten projects participating in BitMart “Vote for Your Coin - Round 5” (in no particular order): 

Transcodium (TNS)

Complex media encoding, decoding, and transcoding is resource intensive which needs multiples of servers to process on a large scale which is very expensive at the moment. Transcodium aims to provide the first peer-to-peer decentralized file editing, transcoding and distribution platform with high quality and reliable computational power at a very affordable price.


Aeron (ARN)

Aeron is the new standard of aviation safety powered by blockchain. The Aeron team believes that aviation safety is closely related to record integrity. Once the log records are stored in the blockchain, available for public audit and can’t be forged, both authorities and passengers can be confident that a pilot actually has the experience claimed. Aeron will work with all target audiences: pilots, aviation authorities, maintenance companies, flight schools and the airlines.


Omnitude (ECOM)

Omnitude is a radical concept in blockchain eco-systems. Utilizing Omnitude as an integration layer between existing systems enables seamless blockchain integration for enterprises both large and small without the need to replace current systems.


Nebulas (NAS)

Nebulas is a next-generation public blockchain, aiming for a continuously improving ecosystem. Based on its blockchain valuation mechanism, Nebulas proposes future-oriented incentive and consensus systems, and the ability to self-evolve without forking.


Vivo Capital (VCT)

Founded in 1996, Vivo Capital is a healthcare investment firm focused on investing in and building high-quality companies in the U.S. and China. With more than $1.7 billion under management, Vivo employs a unique multi-pronged strategy of identifying and working with companies with promising development stage and commercial stage therapeutic products in the U.S. and revenue stage companies in China. Vivo Capital has offices in Palo Alto, California, Shanghai, and Beijing, China.


Amon (AMN)

Amon is a multi-cryptocurrency wallet connected with a debit card assisted with an Artificial Intelligent System (AI) and a built-in exchange. From one APP users can buy, store, exchange and spend crypto and “regular” currencies.


Exhibit Token (EXBT)
Exhibit is designed to provide users basic online income. It is an all-in-one platform which helps all users to have small online business solutions, freelancing opportunities and Education on how to have some income online.



Fully decentralized peer to peer lending Smart Contract on Ethereum blockchain for lending Ether by using tokens as a collateral. Borrow Ether by placing Digital Tokens on Smart Contract for collateral. Available to use any ERC20 Token.


Kripton (LPK)

L-Pesa has harnessed these market forces and built technology and a proprietary credit scoring model that allows it to quickly scale microlending in developing countries while keeping loss ratios below 10%. The solution is highly automated, allowing a small back office team to support high volume loan origination. L-Pesa has a strong focus on automation. 95% of the user acquisition and loan underwriting process is automated and therefore extremely scalable.


KWHCoin is a digital currency that converts renewable distributed energy resources to digital tokens on a unique blockchain. The energy generation used to back KWH tokens are generated from numerous renewable energy sources including solar power generators, solar communities, microgrids, electric vehicles, energy storages, wind energy, and hydroelectric power generators. All energy that is converted to KWH tokens is generated through 100% clean renewable energy.


About BitMart

BitMart Exchange is a premier global digital asset trading platform in the cryptocurrency market with over 530,000 users worldwide and ranked among the top 10 crypto exchanges on CoinMarketCap. BitMart currently offers 133 trading pairs with one of the lowest trading fees in the market.

BitMart also announced A Special Thanksgiving Treat, new users can enjoy 50 BMX for sign-up by using invitation code: Thanksgiving (invitation link: To learn more about BitMart, visit their Website, Twitter or join their Telegram.

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