Prophetset (PPS)

1. Introduction

Prophet is a decentralized social prediction market platform built on the GXChain. This platform fully harnesses the technology of distributed open ledgers to enhance the transparency and equality of prediction markets. We incentivize developers releasing prediction events through the digital token economy, to share your own wisdom with the community, to provide different types of prediction events for the users.

PPS is the token issued by Prophet Foundation based on the GXChain. It is a necessary token in the Prophet's ecology and is also the carrier of the Prophet's economy. Its application values are exhibited in several aspects below:
a) Initiating prediction projects on Prophet, developers need to pay or burn a certain amount of PPS;
b) The only Token would be utilized for online ballots of the prediction projects;
c) Could be used to purchase prediction contracts for prediction projects;
d) Could be used to purchase additional intelligent services, and fees applying to other services in the ecosystem.  

2. Token Allocation

Total Supply: 1 billion

  • Early Investors: 30%
  • Community: 10%
  • Founding Team: 20% (After PPS is issued, 5% of the total PPS will be released. Within 3 years, 5% of the rest PPS will be unlocked every year.)
  • Arbitration Foundation and Vulnerability Award: 5%
  • Foundation: 35%

3. Useful Links

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