Community Coin (COT)

1.Program Description

Coin Friend Platform is the real-time blockchain payment system on POS system with COT token. This Platform consists of AnyMining application for mining COT token, AnyCllet application for making payments with COT token, and AnyPOS application which is used by offline partner stores for accepting payments from AnyCllet.

2.Token Allocation

The total number of coins issued is divided according to their operational purposes as follows:


A certain part of the Community Coin that is issued is deposited and operated for a specific purpose.

  • Deposit 1: Provided as a deposit (collateral) when affiliated with the settlement partner within 35% of total issue volume.
  • Deposit 2: Rewards policy pursuant to business promotion and hold for institutional investor sales of these, 45% of the sales through pre-sale are separately planned as follows:


3.Useful Links

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