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BitMart Partners with George Mason University, Nurturing the Future Blockchain Leaders

BitMart Exchange, a premier global digital asset trading platform, recently announced their strategic partnership with George Mason University (GMU). This is the second university cooperation after BitMart’s partnership with Stony Brook University (SBU). Apparently, BitMart is determined to break the bottleneck of talent cultivation in blockchain industry.


“The right people were not informed about the best application of the new technology. They misused and abused it.” said Sheldon Xia, Founder & CEO of BitMart. “I believe, From an exchange perspective, it is our responsibility to make sure that people are receiving adequate and correct education about blockchain technology and foremost, thus creating the sustainability of a healthy blockchain community.”

George Mason University (GMU) is a public research institution founded in 1972. With main campus located in Fairfax, Virginia, part of the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, GMU has a world-class reputation in many fields of academic research, such as law, political science, public policy, economics, computer science, and engineering. Mason faculty have twice won the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics. In 2016, the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education released new listings that included George Mason in the “Highest Research Activity” (R1) category.

According to Sheldon Xia, the cooperation will proceed in the following aspects.


Support Academic Research and Fellowship Program

According to a recent Deloitte report, of the 26,000 new blockchain projects introduced in last year on Github, only 8 percent are still active. Project abandonment is not a new concept, especially in today’s bear market. After reviewing thousands of projects, BitMart Exchange will integrate its real-life business experience into GMU courses, providing hands-on case studies on projects and non-sensitive data. Internship and fellowship programs will be provided for guiding students to understand real-world needs.


Transform Traditional Teaching Methods

Blockchain is fundamentally an interdisciplinary field and it doesn’t fall cleanly into buckets of law, engineering or finance. Therefore, the key to bridge the demand gap for blockchain education is to enhance interdisciplinary studies. In particular, BitMart will cooperate with professors at GMU in using new technologies to realize the reform of teaching methods and the design of innovative courses. The key is to develop students’ ability of knowledge integration by offering diverse courses.


Offer Blockchain Lectures and Other College Activities

The blockchain industry is constantly evolving and students need to stay up-to-date. Lectures and seminars are perfect formats for students to stay informed by closely interacting with industry professionals. In order to keep up with the rapidly changing field, a blockchain association will be established by BitMart and GMU to promote lectures, academic seminars as well as blockchain hackathons. Other college activities which related to fintech will also be supported.

“To ensure a sustainable growth of blockchain technology, industry players should make concerted efforts to cultivate and support open-source development talent through educational programs, professional incentives, industry dialogue, etc.,” said Sheldon.


About BitMart

BitMart Exchange is a premier global digital asset trading platform in the cryptocurrency market with over 600,000 users worldwide. It ranks among the top 8 crypto exchanges on CoinMarketCap. BitMart currently offers 165 trading pairs with one of the lowest trading fee in the market. BitMart recently launched - BitMart Labs, an international blockchain incubation platform, to facilitate the development of innovative blockchain projects.




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