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BitMart Announces Galaxy Program - Up to $10,000/Month Base Compensation

Apply Now to Become a BitMart Star!


BitMart Exchange, a premier global digital asset trading platform, recently announced the BitMart Galaxy Program, aiming to expand their global market with the passion from their extraordinary supporters, whom they call “BitMart Stars”.


“BitMart is a strong believer in community power and there’s nothing more important than growing together with our long-term supporters,” said Sheldon Xia, Founder & CEO of BitMart. “Utilizing the rich network and community operation experience in their local countries, BitMart Stars will pivot towards a bridge between BitMart and the communities, accelerating the success of BitMart’s global expansion.”


Being recognized as a BitMart Star is an exceptional reward. Ambassadors can get up to $10,000/per month base compensation and opportunity to become BitMart full-time employees. Program details are as follows.


What are the requirements of a BitMart Star?

As a BitMart Star, you will be the stepstone to fulfill the gap between BitMart and the communities, to be more specific, you are willing to support in the following ways:

  1. Acquire new users through online and offline channels, teach new users how to use BitMart platform.
  2. Activate (boost/encourage) users’ trading volume on a monthly basis to reach a certain level.
  3. Be an expert on BitMart's product to interact with existing users and solve their day-to-day problems and report to BitMart's support team.
  4. Assist in organizing local offline events and meetups.
  5. Support BitMart in operating online communities. (Twitter/Facebook/WeChat/Telegram/Instagram/Line/KakaoTalk, etc.)
  6. Translate and proofread content in local languages.
  7. Test beta versions and provide valuable feedback.
  8. Collect feedback from local users, consolidate suggestions and insights that might help BitMart be more user-friendly in your region and beyond.


What are the selection criteria for BitMart Stars?


  1. Abundant connections and resources, well-connected in the blockchain industry.
  2. Passionate about cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, have enough experience in blockchain technologies and its applications.
  3. Extensive experience in blockchain development/operation/community management/marketing promotions, etc.
  4. Previous work experience in Internet-related industries.
  5. Intermediate English reading and writing skills.
  6. IT/Finance/Business/Marketing background.


What are the benefits of becoming a BitMart Star?


  1. Base compensation up to $10,000 USD per month.
  2. Privileged access to communicate directly with BitMart Management Team and provide valuable feedback.
  3. Exclusive invitations to BitMart global events and meetups.
  4. Opportunity to visit BitMart Headquarter.
  5. Customized gifts, only made for BitMart Stars.
  6. Shining Stars will have opportunities to become BitMart full-time employees.
  7. Please note that “50% +10% transaction fee commissions" are not applicable to the Galaxy Program.


Submit your application here:


Officially launched on March 15, 2018, BitMart currently has 600,000 registered users in over 180 countries. In August 2018, BitMart launched Mission X: The Community Listing Market. The program was designed to let users decide which projects they want to list on BitMart Exchange, thus creating a self-listing and self-regulated market.


In the near future, BitMart will unite more communities to build an unprecedented strong community alliance. As BitMart’s long-term vision is to help reach a consensus in the blockchain community, the BitMart Galaxy Program will undoubtedly facilitate BitMart to achieve this ambition.


“There are countless stars shining throughout the galaxy. Concurrently, we believe with each BitMart Star shimmering around all corners of the world, BitMart will ignite the entire cryptocurrency galaxy in light.” Said Sheldon Xia, Founder & CEO of BitMart.


To learn more about BitMart, visit their Website, Twitter or join their Telegram.

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