1. Project Introduction

ODEM is an On-Demand Education Marketplace built on the Ethereum blockchain.

The platform connects students, educators, and service providers where, together, they develop and engage in personal and group, in-person educational programs.

The platform reduces costs and improves access to premium education by directly connecting educators with students and eliminating inefficient and costly intermediaries. Students and other education buyers can easily research and find the perfect curriculum from educators around the world. For educators, it increases their visibility among all education buyers, generates real-time feedback on programs, and pays incentives for the development of relevant programs.

ODEM uses artificial intelligence to seamlessly manage complex requests, organizing complete educational programs around the world. Once programs are entered into by students and educators, ODEM smart contracts seamlessly manage payments from beginning to the end of long-term engagements.

ODEM is revolutionizing how educators and students plan, connect, and book educational programs.

2. ODE (ERC-20)

The ERC-20 ODE sold in the crowdsale will provide access to the ODEM Platform through the staking process. The ODE economic model is based on the Sweetbridge Foundation’s discount-token research. The design isolates the utility of ODE on the Platform from external market forces, ensuring that the use of ODE is always advantageous.

The ODEM staking architecture is based on the adoption of the Ethereum ERC-900 interface. A student stakes a desired program by committing a small amount of ODE. Educators stake courses they intend to teach. Staking assists the Platform in assessing levels of student and educator interest. If a participant backs out, their staked tokens are forfeited. Using ODE eliminates issues associated with fiat, including high fees and lengthy processing times.

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