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“Vote for Your Coin - Round 6” Winner Announcement

Dear BitMart Users,


Our “Vote for Your Coin - Round 6” is officially over now. We thank you for your support and participation in this campaign!

As of January 30th 10:00 AM EST, Kripton (LPK) was the No.1 winning project with the most number of votes. As stated in our rules, we will list Kripton (LPK) on BitMart Exchange without any listing fees. At the same time, we will collect all the BMX voted for Kripton (LPK). The listing dates will be announced later.

For the unlisted and non-winning projects, all the BMX voted will be returned to users’ accounts within 3 business days.

We highly appreciate all projects and users who participated in this campaign.

Thank you for supporting BitMart!


BitMart Team
January 30, 2019

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