Liquidity Network (LQD)

1. Project Introduction

The Liquidity Network is a non-custodial, financial intermediary offering payment and exchange services. The web wallet can be accessed under while the mobile applications for Android and iOS are also available. The Liquidity Network supports millions of users securely, reducing transaction costs significantly and enabling the mainstream adoption of the blockchain. The Liquidity Ecosystem stems from a symbiosis between our two novel academic innovations: the Liquidity Hub NOCUST and REVIVE.

The Liquidity Exchange is a non-custodial off-chain exchange build on top of the Liquidity Network. The Liquidity Exchange is designed to not hold any funds (non-custodial) while performing atomic swaps off-chain. As such the exchange is resistant to blockchain congestion and excessive transaction fees. Scalable to centralized exchange throughput and beyond.

2. Project Advantages


3. Useful Links

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