MessengerBank Metals Token (MBMT)

1. Project Introduction

Established in 1999 (Zug, Switzerland), MessengerBank always believed that blockchain technology has the potential to positively disrupt the world economy.

MessengerBank's mission is to bank the unbanked, like immigrants and common people, students and all people in need of fair and low-cost remittance services.

MoneyWithOutBorders is a nonprofit organization supported by MessengerBank to create awareness and help promote remote access and sending money to families when working abroad without the need of spending one hour traveling to the standard, old fashioned remittance companies.

Also helping to build solar systems in West Africa so people in any remote village can charge their phones free of charge. The vision will allow a Brazilian husband who works in construction in New York to support his family back in Rio by instantly sending them money 4,818 miles away...

2. MessengerBank EcoSystem

  • MBCT: serves as the stable coin of MessengerBank with a value of 4.95 USD.
  • MBIT: is a primary product which pays out 40% dividends of the company profits.
  • MBMT: democratizes access to precious metals and serves as the first non-gold asset-backed token on the Ethereum blockchain.

3. MessengerBank Metals Token (MBMT)

MBMT is a new asset-backed token that is directly tied to physical metals. That means the MBMT token can never go to zero. When it comes to liquidity, no coin even comes close. Every MBMT is backed by and redeemable for physical metals, one of the most liquid markets in the world. The MBMT token is regulated, feeds the growth of the technology sector, is liquid and future-proof.

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