Skillchain (SKI)

1. Project Introduction

Skillchain is a blockchain-based platform in which colleges, recruiting organizations, and non-scholastic training organizations can meet to certify and ensure a man’s skills in a lasting manner. It approves an applicant’s professional education, their past employment, regardless of whether they have real suggestions, their skills, and non-formal courses they may have embraced.

The platform goes for solving the problem of organizations spending millions to find the best representatives without the certainty of whether the applicants are experienced or not, or whether the degrees, proficient training, and courses recorded on their resumes are legitimate. It ensures that each resume on the platform is 100% verified and that competitors organizations will procure from the platform are most ideally equipped suited for the activity.

Additionally, it goes for reducing the time and cash colleges spend in verifying graduated class’ investigation ways and degrees for organizations. Another target of the platform is to guarantee that there are level open doors for all and that everybody is assessed according to their gifts and experience not simply by their associations or false proposals on their resume.

Through the platform, verification of non-formal instructions and training certification will be conceivable, which will enhance the standard of greatness in the non-formal instruction world.

2. What is SKI Token?

SKI is an ERC20 token that aims to become the access tool to the services that will offer the Skillchain platform. Skillchain users (companies, headhunters, certified users) will use the token for their own purposes and interests on the platform. As in the case of Facebook, Linkedin and other social networks, there are premium services for use in its ecosystem. Recruiting companies buy services on the platform to optimize the recruiting processes and to have access to all the research dynamics of candidates that put Skillchain into service. Access for companies is based on different levels, while candidate screening is based on a mechanism where the candidate gains SKI tokens if his LIFE SKILL PASSPORT is of interest to the company looking for certified profiles. Users can get tokens by using the platform and they can spend them to buy special features in the platform that increase their engagement. Users can purchase products from all education & training partners by paying in SKI tokens. Users can show profiles and match companies looking for staff. LIFE SKILL PASSPORT owners purchase content from the platform to be found more easily by companies on the platform. SKI tokens can be transferred to external personal portfolios.


The LIFE SKILL PASSPORT aims to be the first common global market standard for the certification of skills, work experiences and training courses in the blockchain. It has been structured to be exportable via URL or QR code and shared in any public form, printed or shared on social networks.

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