GemmyCoin (GMC)

1. Project Introduction

GemmyCoin (hereinafter referred to as “GMC”) platform uses blockchain technology to store creator information and music data in a blockchain and enables streaming. This technology not only prevents piracy and information leakage, but also allows all right holders to check the distribution channel, access frequency, and royalty collection status in a fully transparent manner and be paid instantly. Consumers can choose creators to support their global debut, gain the opportunity to participate directly in the production of music, and receive benefits from such participation. To this end, GMC team will create an ecosystem based on a new paradigm in the music industry, partner with the Recording Industry Association of Korea (RIAK) and Korean Broadcasting Actors Association (KBAA), and continue to develop collaborative relationships with additional partners. The participants including creators, users, and miners involved in the GMC ecosystem will enjoy the tangible and intangible benefits along with the growth of the ecosystem.

2. Token Allocation

  • Token Name: GMC
  • Total Issues: 10,000,000,000 GMC


3. Useful Links

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