KTN Token (KTN)

1. Project Introduction

Established in Singapore, KTN is a global blockchain information complex.

KTN takes the 24/7 news as the core, opens the era of the currency information complex, and introduces user consensus behavior, which will create a complex of five sections of social information, databases, events, exchanges, and wallets.

The first batch of users has been expanded in Japan, and the corresponding language versions will be launched in countries such as Korea and China.

2. Token Info

KTN Token, or KTN for short, is a decentralized digital asset based on Tokens issued and managed by ERC20. Based on KTN's global blockchain information complex ecological plan, KTN Token will have strong market demand and extensive market liquidity, so as to achieve good asset preservation and realize the value of KTN, thus redefining the information value of blockchain.

Supply: 1,000,000,000 KTN

Token distribution scheme:

  • Limited amount pre-sale (28%)
  • Ecological development and construction (10%)
  • Global market promotion (30%)
  • Team founding fund (15%)
  • Emergency security (7%)
  • Community incentives (10%)

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