1. Project Introduction (AVA) is a travel booking platform based on the NEO blockchain. The platform itself operates both a centralized front-end allowing suppliers to easily edit their listings, whilst operating a decentralized backend incorporating the NEO blockchain governing the AVA engine. Thus, building a trusted, transparent and secure travel booking platform reducing costs associated with the travel industry. aims to disrupt the travel industry and provides multiple benefits over potential competitors within the market. A free business model, 0% booking and commission fees for the suppliers with no hidden fees. The incorporation of a peer-to-peer chat function between supplier and consumer along with the ability to pay with AVA, other digital assets, and Fiat-currency payment options.

With successful systematic growth since its launch in 2017, Travala is changing the future of the travel industry as a Next-Gen Online Travel Agency (NOTA), providing a revolutionary, easy to use booking platform combining decentralized technologies and tokenized incentive structures.

Leveraging global competitive cost advantages, the platform changes the relationship between the consumer of the future and their travel shopping using tokenization to increase incentivization and encourage growth in the ecosystem. Travala represents an emphatic advance towards more mainstream adoption and growth of blockchain.

Travala enters 2019 looking to sustain momentum while distinguishing itself from competitors, ultimately becoming the center of discussions both inside the blockchain industry and in the wider travel landscape.

2. Token Allocation

The AVA token is based on the NEO NEP-5 Standard11 and will be deployed to the NEO Blockchain. The tokens can be held in any NEO address, using any wallet software that supports the NEO blockchain protocol and NEP-5 tokens, including the native wallet. There is 61,571,086 total supply of AVA tokens.

  • Publicly Distributed - 57%
  • Team - 13%
  • Reserve - 30%

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