1. Project Introduction

DAPS stands for Decentralized Anonymous Payment System. DAPS plans to revolutionize the blockchain world by merging previous successful, stress-tested protocols into a premiere privacy package. The DAPS chain will feature staking, Masternodes, full obfuscation (RingCt, Tor node protection, and Stealth addresses), and a unique work algorithm named Proof-Of-Audit. The goal of POA is to maintain the Trustless standard of public blockchains while being able to utilize end-to-end obfuscation. DAPS Coin hopes to introduce a new standard of Trustless governance, able to be expanded to other chains. DAPS Project is a worldwide organization dedicated to building the DAPS coin mainnet and expanding cryptocurrency to mass audiences. Innovative outreach and measures to build a real-world ecosystem are just part of their vision. Financial privacy is not a privilege, it is a right. DAPS hopes to make a lasting impact not on the blockchain, but the world. DAPS is more than a coin, but a culture.

DAPS aims to become the new standard of privacy in altcoins. To enact this vision, the specs of DAPS were carefully crafted to create a unique coin protocol for the crypto world, with the ultimate goal of mass adoption.

2. DAPS Token Specs

3. Useful Links

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