Huddl (HUDDL)

1. Project Introduction

Huddl is founded by former BlackRock and Mastercard executives and established blockchain entrepreneurs. It is the first platform where everyday investors can collaborate, pool their assets and get access to products and services previously only available for the wealthy. Investors and financial service providers both benefit from the Huddl platform. Everyday investors pay lower fees and receive unprecedented access to investment managers, strategies and products through an easy to use mobile platform. Providers benefit from expanded opportunity and direct access to end investors.

Huddl's mission is to channel the collective aspirations, networks, and buying power of the general public such that every individual derives the maximum monetary and functional benefit from their consumption and investing activities.

Learn more about Huddl from these short videos.

2. HUDDL Token

Huddl recognizes the value users bring to the platform, and rewards them equitably. A third of the tokens will be distributed to users in the initial release, and a larger share every quarter per the distribution schedule described later.

  • Share of users: 33.3% initially, increasing quarterly
  • Share of contributors: 33.3% initially, decreasing quarterly
  • Share of reserves: 33.3% initially, decreasing quarterly

The decreasing inflation rate used in the Huddl model follows the natural growth curve of a network  —  rapid growth in early stages, slower growth as the network matures.

  • Initial supply: 100,000,000
  • Inflation rate: 10% initially, decreasing quarterly
  • Time to reach max supply: 18 years
  • Max supply: 1,000,000,000

Learn more about the HUDDL token here.

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