1. Project Introduction

ABBC Project is an open platform that works on distributed ledger technology, which makes it open and transparent to all participants. It is designed to develop digital crypto-currency markets and objects for various purposes with their subsequent launch and integration into a unique ecosystem.

ABBC Foundation will create an e-commerce platform (online shopping platform) while providing a payment solution for user’s convenience. Basically, it is a platform whereby consumers can pay using ABBC Coins and buy other major online shopping mall products through their online shopping mall. This will allow users to avoid exchange rates or transaction fees which occur when they use the credit card or PayPal if consumers are from different countries other than the currency the shopping mall supports. Rather than signing up in different online shopping malls, if you are an ABBC holder, you can simply visit ABBC online shopping mall and buy products through their platform.

Online Shopping platform will receive reward points according to the total spending on their purchases. These reward points can be accumulated to exchange for selected products on the ABBC platform. These days the issue that users face is that their points are separately accounted for as they made purchases on different online shopping platform. However, with ABBC's reward point system, it solves the inflexibility that allows users to accumulate their rewards points in one platform.

ABBC Foundation gives the world a new solution, thanks to which the use and storage of crypto-currency will become safe. ABBC solution acts as a P2P platform connecting different businesses and consumers by integrating with the ABBC blockchain.

2. Token Description

ABBC Coins are issued for internal and external payments of the ABBC Foundation system and are the only payment instrument when you need to pay fees or pay for marketplace services. ABBC Coin is deeply integrated into the system to ensure maximum trade flow — as the number of agents using the system grows, the value of any cryptocurrency usually increases. Purchase of ABBC Coins is a prepayment for services provided on the ABBC platform by both the platform itself and by independent partners who develop their services on it. At the same time, the purchase of Coins allows for the selection of a specific service that the buyer will receive not at the moment of payment (i.e. purchasing Coins), but at the moment when it requires this service.

Total number of coins: 1,500,000,000 ABBC

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