Baer Chain (BRC)

1. Project Introduction

Baer Chain is an online distributed ecological game platform that is based on the blockchain technology, and it directly connects elements on the games ecological chain in an organic way, to realize the direct docking, lossless circulating and secure storing of individual values.

2. Baer Chain

In the whole Baer Chain ecosystem, the global game developers and game players are capable of converting values created by themselves into their own income, which can circulate within the game ecology in the form of Baer Chain token, BRC. As the bearing of values, BRC not only circulates within the ecological system but also promotes the ecological value besides the game itself.

To promote the business application value of Baer Chain, the standard amount of BRC to be issued based on ERC-20 is 580 million. During the production of creation block, 50 percent of the total number will be created, i.e.,290 million. The remained 50% will be awarded to those who make positive contributions to the Baer Chain community as incentives. 

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