Bicoin Token (BCT)

1. Project Introduction

BICOIN has created a one-stop tool for cryptocurrency trading ecosystem. Currently, their business model includes four parts, which are BICOIN, BICOIN Trading Version, a platform for aggregate exchanges, and quantitative services. BICOIN has covered highly active cryptocurrency trading communities with tens of thousands of active users. BICOIN has not only built a strong ecological foundation among trading communities but also has a diversified derivative business. 

2. Project Advantages

  • Large user base and a large number of highly-active users
  • Stable iteration and optimization of products
  • Effective community operation
  • A large number of active and high-quality KOLs

3. Token Economy

BICOIN has designed a complete ecological model for the Bicoin Token in the ecosystem. BICOIN Token (BCT) is developed based on ETH ERC-20 protocol, which is a value certificate in the BICOIN ecosystem with functions like equity proof, ecological co-construction, consumption circulation, community incentives, and investment monetization. Relying on BCT system, the founding team, investors, KOL Club, KOLs, users, and all participants can share the value more effectively from the ecological consensus.

4. Token Allocation

  • Private Offering and Public Offering: 20%
  • Exchange Aggregation Platform and Copy Trading Investors’ Bonuses: 10%
  • Early Investors: 5%
  • Airdrop and Community Rewards & Construction: 20%
  • BICOIN Team: 20%
  • Future Reserve: 20%

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