FNB Token (FNB)

1. Project Introduction

FNB provides a new system that connects franchise HQs, franchise affiliates, and customers together through an AR advertisement platform, franchise token, and blockchain. FNB protocol creates a new ecosystem by issuing and distributing franchise tokens based on the FNB token issuance actually used in the advertising platform and inter-user compensation system.

The FNB platform uses a blockchain based cryptocurrency, capable of issuing Brand Tokens to each franchisor and by using the FNB token as a medium, the users can exchange or integrate the tokens to use in any affiliated franchisee stores and restaurants.

The FNB Platform is supported by "I'm CEO", South Korea's largest franchise startup platform. FNB plans to take advantage of "I'm CEO"'s business infrastructure, with 3 years of service experience, over 700 registered franchise headquarters, and over 5,000 franchisees, and more than 200,000 app users.

The FMB platform is a project that starts with a business foundation that already has an operating entity and it is possible to start one step ahead to project success.

2. Token Introduction

FNB refers to Food & Business, which presupposes the use of FNB tokens in food-related businesses. The FNB Token seeks to primarily offer a new token environment across popular restaurants and regular restaurants, starting with popular franchise headquarters and merchants.

The Ethereum-based FNB platform provides information to the users participating in the platform, such as providing information, reviewing, renewing, adding, sharing, promoting, and rewarding tokens for contributors contributing to this service.

The rewarded tokens will also be used for billing advertisements and restaurant reservations within the platform and also for payment at the actual merchants.

  • Total Supply: 2,500,000,000 FNB
  • Token Allocation:
    • Foundation: 10%
    • R & D: 15%
    • Advisor: 5%
    • Reserve: 10%
    • Ecosystem: 10%
    • Partner: 25%
    • Token Sale: 25%

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