Unitopia (UPA)

1. Project Introduction

Unitopia is a decentralized game interface and platform built on blockchain technology. It is set to disrupt traditional gaming rules that exist today by bringing the best innovations in blockchain to power-up the gaming industry for both traditional gamers and blockchain enthusiasts, with:

  • Flexible Token Application

Tokens can be arbitrarily circulated and traded within the platform, which overcomes the drawback of traditional game that virtual currency cannot be transferred. Besides, users can use tokens to participate in other activities of the platform.

  • Open Game Data

The game in the platform is completely decentralized, and the game revenue distribution is constrained by the content of the smart contract so that every game operation is open and transparent. The intelligent game mode can better meet the needs of game players in the new era.

  • Rich Game Ecosystem

The project team conducts content research and development cooperation with many well-known game companies to ensure the diversity and entertainment of the game. At the same time, they accept the application of individual game planners and developers to jointly promote the prosperity of the blockchain game industry.


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