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[IMPORTANT] Please Pay Attention to the Security of Your BitMart Account

Dear BitMart Users,


We have recently received some reports from users indicating that they are being notified to reset their passwords due to a password expiration, or because the password is wrong when they trying to log in to their BitMart account. If you face such situations but you’re positive that the password you enter is correct after successfully logging into the official BitMart App. Please be aware you might be on a phishing website. For the safety of your digital assets, please DO NOT enter any of your Google Authenticator code, SMS verification code, or email verification code, and contact our customer support immediately. Also, please DO NOT download any other unofficial BitMart App. We highly recommend you to download your BitMart App via Google Play or Apple’s App Store.

We have also received reports from users that some “scammers” are pretending to be BitMart staff and asking users for their BitMart accounts, passwords, or verification code in WeChat groups, Telegram groups, and some other communities. BitMart hereby solemnly declare that BitMart employees/staff will NEVER ask for your BitMart account & password, Google Authenticator code, SMS verification code, or email verification code. If you believe any of the above suspicious situations occurred, please report to BitMart through our official channels right away.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please feel free to contact us on

Otherwise, we hope you enjoy trading with BitMart!


BitMart Team
November 21, 2019

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