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Reminder: Stay Vigilant for Fraudulent Activities and Phishing Websites

Dear BitMart Users,


With the expansion of BitMart, we have noticed that there are scammers who pretend to be BitMart for fraudulent purpose.

Common Counterfeiting Types (not limited to the followings):

  1. Use very similar or identical profile pictures and usernames to impersonate BitMart staff, and contact you to help solve some problems by charging a fee.
  2. Pretend to be BitMart’s official website to hack users’ usernames and passwords, or defraud listing fees.
  3. Fake BitMart staffs’ working emails and send cooperation emails to defraud users or projects.
  4. Use very similar or identical profile pictures and usernames to impersonate BitMart social media (e.g. Twitter, Telegram) and post or DM fake promotion information/phishing links/listing requests, etc.

Proven Scams (will be continually updated):

1. Fake social media: Everyday, there’s a lot of fake accounts on social media pretending to be BitMart, especially on Twitter and Telegram. Please DO NOT believe in any information (posts/comments/direct messages) sent from these fake social media accounts. Please DO NOT click any links or scan any QR codes included in the posts/comments/direct messages and please help report these accounts. You can verify BitMart's official social media/community channels by entering the links here:


2. Fake admins/support groups: Such as, Please DO NOT believe in anyone claims to be BitMart admin/support/technical support and actively reach out to provide help. BitMart DO NOT have any official support groups or support admins on social media including Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram. DO NOT join any unofficial groups. Please leave and report the group if you did.


3. Fake giveaway/promotions: Such as "To celebrate xxx, we are giving away xxx BTC, deposit xxx BTC to xxxx address then you will receive 2X/3X back". Please DO NOT believe in any kind of giveaway asking you to make deposit to a specific address. DO NOT deposit to anyone you do not know or any address you are not sure is secure. Only check BitMart official website for official promotions.


4. Phishing websites: Such as,, and, Clicking these links will redirect you to the installation of malicious software.

Please DO NOT click or install. Please contact us immediately through any of the official channels listed below if you accidentally did so.


5. Phishing emails: Such as emails sent by "BitMart KYC" using email address of, and emails sent by "BitMart" using email address of

Please DO NOT click on any links or scan any QR codes included in the emails and delete these emails immediately. If you are required to submit your personal information, we will ONLY contact you via the official emails below:



To protect your account and assets, BitMart kindly reminds you that it is very important to stay vigilant of fraudulent activities and phishing websites. BitMart is unable to bear any liability for damages occurred, if any.

Again, BitMart will NEVER ask you to transfer funds to any addresses for solving problems (including but not limited to unfreezing the account, speeding up the withdrawals, or insufficient deposits, etc.), and we will NOT require you to provide any private information such as login password, SMS verification Code, Google verification code, API key and so on. Please secure your personal information anytime, anywhere.

Last but not least, to better help you identify a scam, all official BitMart channels and contact methods are listed below. When you have doubts about the identity of a staff member who contacts you, we highly recommend you to use at least 2 of the following methods to verify his/her identity.


I. Email Address

Please note that personal emails like will never send emails to you first. If you receive emails from any suspicious mailboxes, please beware that they might be faked by the scammers using related software.

Verification method: Send a confirmation email to BitMart will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


II. Official website URL

Please note: any other similar and different suffixes are spoofed URLs.

Verification Methods:

1. Verify via BitMart Official Verification page:

2. Visit CoinMarketCap via the URL, search for BitMart and click to enter the official website.

3. Visit CoinGecko via the URL, search for BitMart and click to enter the official website.

4. Contact us through our official social media channels:

Authentication method: You can join the BitMart Telegram group and authenticate with any admins after joining in (NEVER trust admins who direct message you first).

5. Submit a support ticket via:

Please make sure you visit the correct official website before requesting a support ticket.

Verification is not credible except for the above social media channels and methods.


If you find any suspected fraud by impersonating BitMart, please report to BitMart.

Thank you for your support! We hope you enjoy trading with BitMart!


BitMart Team

Updated on May 10, 2023

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