Ethercoin (ETE)

1. Project Introduction

Ethercoin (ETE) is a Smart Electronic Cash with a strict Deflationary Monetary Policy. ETE is a new generation of smart contract platform initiated by a group of professional and technical geeks worldwide to provide better service to DAPP developers and users. Protected by native Internet hash power, ETE Team is aware of the needs to always maintain the platform to thrive the challenge for the needs of high-quality requirements including security.

Ethercoin combines the best of Ethereum builds with a safe and reliable free from transaction cost, making the large and complex smart contracts economically viable, stable and continuous, the high scalability and real-time transaction feedback realized by the master node network.

2. Token Info

  • Token Name: Ethercoin
  • Token Symbol: ETE
  • Total Supply: 500,000,000 ETE

Token Distribution:

  • 20% - ETH Holder Inherit
  • 64% - Miner Rewards
  • 16% - Developer Rewards

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