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Auto Deleveraging (ADL) System

BitMart Futures is a futures trading market, specifically a market for perpetual swaps, offered per the Terms and Conditions for BitMart Futures Market. 
Below is the [ADL guide] for BitMart Futures:


When traders are subjected to forced liquidation, their remaining positions will be taken over by forced liquidation system.

If positions subject to forced liquidation fail to be closed out on the market and when the market price reaches bankruptcy price, the ADL system will lighten up the positions of investors holding inverted positions.

ADL Process

  • Firstly, traders’ positions will be liquidated forcibly according to bankruptcy price. If the insurance fund is still insufficient, the ADL strategy will be triggered.
  • The system will rank the PnLs calculated by the counterparty through yield rate and effective leverage. Traders with the highest ranking (most profitable with aggressive trading strategy) will be marked by ADL order as a matter of priority.
  • ADL ranking is determined by effective leverage and profit/loss ratio of positions, that is, traders that have more profits and use greater leverages will have higher rankings.
  • The positions of the executed party of auto deleveraging (ADL) system and traders with top rankings in terms of effective leverage and profit/loss will be lightened up automatically as per bankruptcy price.
  • Traders subjected to ADL will receive system notice (e-mail/SMS) and all activity orders will be canceled, and traders can re-enter the market freely for trading.


How to reduce ADL risk?

The ranking of ADL order is determined based on the profitability and leverage of your positions, so you can:

  1. Reduce ADL ranking risk by adding a margin (adding the available balance of all positions).
  2. Re-open or close positions to reduce your ranking.

ADL ranking will be reduced immediately after the leverage used for positions is lowered.



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