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Order Types

BitMart Futures is a futures trading market, specifically a market for perpetual swaps, offered per the Terms and Conditions for BitMart Futures Market. 
Below is the [order types guide] for BitMart Futures:


At present, BitMart supports three types of orders: limit order, market order, and plan order.

Limit Order

Limit order requires the trader to set order price by itself. When market price reaches the order price, the order will be executed; when market price is far away from the order price, the order will not be executed. By submitting limit order, the trader can control position-opening costs by controlling the trading price of the position. After limit order is submitted, it will be displayed in the “current order” list to wait for trading. Only when any market order meeting the order price appears will the limit order be traded. You can “cancel order” at any time in the “current order” list before the limit order is not traded. The trader needs to fill in “order price” and “position quantity” when submitting limit order.

Market Order

Market order does not require the trader to set order price by itself. Instead, the order will be traded quickly at the current market price. After a market order is submitted, the execution price of the order cannot be guaranteed although the execution of the order can be guaranteed. The execution price of the order will fluctuate under the influence of the current market situation. You need to pay attention to the order list when selecting market order, otherwise, a market order of large position will lead to “close-out”.The trader only needs to fill in “position quantity” when submitting market order.


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