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Reasonable Price Marking

BitMart Futures is a futures trading market, specifically a market for perpetual swaps, offered per the Terms and Conditions for BitMart Futures Market. 
Below is the [Reasonable Price Marking guide] for BitMart Futures:


BitMart adopts a uniquely designed reasonable price marking system to avoid unnecessarily forced liquidation of high-leverage products. Without this system, the marking price may deviate unnecessarily from the price index due to manipulated market or lack of liquidity, thus leading to unnecessarily forced liquidation. The system sets marking prices at a reasonable price instead of the latest trading price to avoid unnecessarily forced liquidation.


The Mechanism of Reasonable Marking Price

The USDT-based contract price index is a comprehensive price index obtained by referring to major spot trading market prices and then obtaining a weighted average based on their trading volumes.
The referenced trading markets include: Binance, Huobi, Okex, Bybit, Kucoin,, MEXC and BitMex

All ADL adopt a reasonable price marking method to calculate unrealized profit/loss and forced liquidation price, which does not affect realized profit/loss. Only when the reasonable price reaches the forced liquidation price of the trader will force liquidation to occur.

Note: this means that you may see positive or negative unrealized profit/loss immediately after your order is executed. The reason for such circumstances is a slight deviation between reasonable price and trading price. Such a phenomenon is normal and does not mean that you have lost money, but you must pay attention to your forced liquidation price to prevent yourself from being subjected to prematurely forced liquidation.


Calculation of Reasonable Price

The reasonable price of the perpetual swap is calculated by using the basic rate of funding cost:

Basis rate of funding cost = funding cost rate * (next time for paying funding cost/time interval of funding cost)

Reasonable price = index-based price * (1 + basis rate of funding cost)


The Query of Reasonable Price

The trading page of the futures displays the latest price on the current market instead of the reasonable price for calculating unrealized profit/loss and forced liquidation price.

If you want to enquire about the index-based price and reasonable price record of the futures, please enter and enquire on the index page of the futures.

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