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BitMart Futures Trading Fee


General Users

  Maker Taker
Trading Fee (%) 0.020% 0.060%


VIP Users

For the first month being a VIP user, the user can trade with "Maker = 0% and Taker = 0.05%".

After the first month, VIP users will be able to enjoy lower trading fees based on their levels. Please check the details listed below:

Level 30 Day Trading Volume (USDT) Maker Taker
T1 ≥25,000,000 0% 0.03%
T2 ≥50,000,000 0% 0.025%
T3 ≥100,000,000 0% 0.02%


How to Become a VIP User?

  • Users with total assets greater than or equal to 5 BTC in their BitMart Futures accounts are qualified to apply to be a VIP user.
  • How to apply: send an email to with a screenshot of your BitMart Futures account.

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