1. Project Introduction

POCBGH (POC big golden hammer) is a crypto digital asset developed based on the core technology of blockchain, which is wholly built by the Singapore 532 computing Chain Alliance Foundation. POCBGH aims to build a global ecosystem credit system of blockchain social, with the support of blockchain technology, making use of the technical advantages of distributed storage, openness, fairness, transparency, data traceability and irreversibility of blockchain to reduce Transaction cost, improve circulation efficiency.

POCBGH's ecological open system takes users as the core and creates an ecological open system driven by multiple entrances, platforms, channels, industries, fields, and diversification. Relying on a strong ecological system, POCBGH is expected to open up users, demand, access, multi-channel, enterprises, and businesses, making POCBGH global commodity trading platform a truly complete interactive mining system of social voting.

The decentralization of blockchain will surely bring POCBGH's biggest advantage - fast and convenient, and this kind of real-time transfer is not restricted by the region. At the same time, in POCBGH circulation, because there is no control of the central platform, all nodes are jointly maintained and bookkept, and any node cannot be changed at will. It has laid a solid foundation for nine star "atomic" interactive voting mining.

2. POCBGH Coin Info

POCBGH is a digital asset with a total amount of 21 million.

  • Total Supply: 21,000,000 POCBGH
  • Circulating Supply: 21,000,000 POCBGH

POCBGH is mainly used for the Ethernet manor token of POC wallet, which creates an online entertainment interactive scene. Ethereum manor is a brand-new business model, which creates a decentralized service platform for promoting a fair blockchain market environment and a trading platform for asset exchange among users. POCBGH, as the fuel token of nine star "atomic" interactive mining, will be a great attempt of blockchain and the next popular trend

Token Distribution Ratio Explanation
Founding team 20% 20% of the POCBGH tokens will be used for the motivation and development of the founding team, including technology, operations, marketing, finance, law, management, etc. It is also an important factor to promote the continuous progress of the project.
Market development and operation promotion 40% 40% of POCBGH's assets will be developed in emerging markets overseas. Such as the United States, India, Pakistan, Russia and other countries, blockchain technology, there are many business opportunities and prospects. In addition, we will promote the application of such technologies in Germany, China, Singapore, local government companies and financial institutions.
Technology R&D award 20% 20% of POCBGH assets are used for technology research and development. It employs technicians from the global blockchain, including some excellent start-ups and members. It seeks entrepreneurial teams as ETH, Raybo and other ex-employees to improve POCBGH team technology.
Construction of science and technology laboratory 10% POCBGH tokens of 10% will be reserved to optimize and update current technical and office equipment. Establish a science and technology database, expand the field of data and cloud computing. We have set up professional and technical teams with the joint laboratories of Harvard University, provincial academy of sciences, Chinese academy of sciences and other universities to promote anonymity, intelligent contract, blockchain optimization, and consensus algorithm upgrading.
Maintenance and upgrade 10% 10% of the assets will be used for the maintenance, service upgrade and business channel expansion of existing ground projects of POCBGH, so as to create more similar projects.

3. Useful Links

Official Website: https://poccandy.com/

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