TAMY Token (TMT)

1. Project Introduction

TAMY token is a project for landlords and tenants that focuses on homes through property management and renovations. Through mutual understanding, it will be a primer to enrich the lives of workers related to the fields. The ultimate goal of Tamy token is to build a shared platform - ‘a Home Care Ecosystem’ - where landlords and tenants share their concerns and care for each other.

ThanksAngel provides solutions, platforms, and big data-based services. Before launching its service, ThanksAngel has already grasped consumers’ needs and contractors' needs through various renovation jobs and managed them as big data. By integrating blockchain technology with its services, ThanksAngel wants to create a new innovation called 'intangible rental service'. Through continuous care from TAMY Consultants, managed and stored data lead to efficient housing management services as unnecessary repairs and services can be prevented in advance. This is a system that allows ThanksAngel to give trust to consumers and trust to contractors.

Token Features and Application Scenarios

The services provided by ThanksAngel are largely divided into three categories: consultant TAMY, ThanksCare, and membership mall.

TAMY Consultants: TAMY abbreviated for (ThanksAngel Manager Y) is the name used for the total life consultants, that manages the member’s property in a healthy and comfortable state through friendly and professional services. All TAMYs have completed numerous hours of training and possess necessary experience in applicable fields. Their tasks include clean care services, construction/renovation consulting, construction product sales, and finding the labor for construction orders, etc. In addition, TAMYs provide beneficial information to the members to recruit more members, expand business sites, and continuously train on service products. TAMY plays a key role in ThanksAngel Business.

ThanksCare: ThanksAngel has developed a negotiation-free process between customers and contractors through providing standardized prices and services required for repairs on single houses, townhouses and apartments homes. This standardized process was founded based on numerous years of experience, and has been named “ThanksCare” ThanksCare is divided into 4 categories. It is composed of 24 types of home repair services, 6 types of home care services, 5 types of cleaning services, and 6 types of rental products.

Membership Mall is a member-only discount shopping mall for daily necessities, household appliances, rental products, etc. This is operated from the additional benefit for those with members at KRW 7,700 per month.


Users of Tamy token (TMT) include all Angel members, consultant TAMY, contractors, and home care companies participating in the ThanksAngel service. They participate in the ecosystem and use TAMY token as a means of service use and value exchange.


  1. Token Info
  • Token Name: TAMY Token
  • Token Symbol: TMT
  • Total Supply: 2,000,000,000 TMT
  • Token Type: ERC-20
  • Token Distribution: With a total issuance of 2 billion TMT, the distribution is as follows 30% sales, 15% marketing, 15% for the team, and the company holds 40%.


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