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BitMart Beginners’ Handbook 101 on APP


Are you a crypto fan but don’t know where to trade? Are you looking to invest in Crypto Spot and Futures in a quick and simple manner? If so, this handbook is exactly for you. Navigate to the following steps and become an expert on trading at BitMart APP in just minutes.

How do I register at BitMart APP?

How to buy coins at BitMart APP?

For users who never own crypto before

For users who want to transfer funds from other platforms

How to trade Spot?

How to trade Futures?

What if I have further questions during the trading process?

How do I register at BitMart APP?

Step 1: Visit, and download the version that fits your mobile device.


Step 2: Open BitMart APP and click the upper-left icon.


Step 3: Click Login.


Step 4: Click Sign Up.


Step 5: You can either register by Email or Mobile. Here we take registering by Email as an example. Click Email.


Step 6: Enter your Email address and set a login password.


Step 7: If you are invited by others, click Add invitation code and enter your referral code. If not, just skip this section.


Step 8: Check User Agreement and Private Policy.


Step 9: Click Sign Up. Then you will see the Email Verification page.


Step 10: Check your registered email, and enter the six-digit Email Verification code, and click Submit.

Congrats, you are all set! Now you can access BitMart and start trading your favorite cryptos!

To better secure your tradings at BitMart, we require our users to complete two-factor authentication once. 

How to buy coins at BitMart APP? 

If you don’t own any cryptocurrency in other exchanges and want to initiate your first trading at BitMart, follow the step-by-step guide below; if you want to transfer funds from other exchanges or wallets, skip this section and go to the next one.

For users who never own crypto before

Step 1: Open BitMart APP. Click the upper-left icon.


Step 2: Click Login.


Step 3: Enter your registered Mail/Phone number and password. 


Step 4: Click Buy & Sell Crypto.



Step 5: Choose the token you want to buy. For example, we are offering the buying of BTC, ETH, USDT, DOGE, BNB, and more.

    5.png    6.gif

Step 6: Enter the amount you want to buy with fiat (USD or EUR).


Step 7: Choose from the system-recommended best offer or other offers and then finish the payment.



For users who want to transfer funds from other platforms

Step 1: Click Assets in the bottom-right. Now you are on the Spot page and can trade all tokens. Let’s take buying Bitcoin (BTC) as an example. Under the Exchange Balances (BTC) sector, click Deposit.


Step 2: Enter Bitcoin or BTC in the search box, click on the token for your auto-generated Deposit Address (and Address QR Code).


Step 3: Complete withdrawal in your other platforms by using the auto-generated Deposit Address. Transfer assets from other exchanges or wallets to your BitMart account.


How to trade Spot?

Step 1: Click Trade and start trading.


Step 2: Search for your favorite cryptos by entering their ticker symbols. Click the default BTC/USDT pairs at the top of the page to look for the pairs you want.


Step 3: Enter the amount of BTC you want to trade. Click BUY.


How to trade Futures?

Step 1: Click Futures.


Step 2: If you do not have any funds in your Futures account. Click Transfer to transfer some funds from your Spot account to your Futures account.

Tips: please make sure you have at least 5 USDT in your spot account so you can transfer funds to your futures account.


Step 3: Transfer USDT from your spot account to your futures account. Click Transfer.


Step 4: Go to Futures and start trading!

What if I have further questions during the trading process? 

Our customer service specialists are always here to help, 24/7! Join BitMart telegram and send your questions here

Or you can submit a support ticket via

On October 20, BitMart officially launched online customer service, which provides 24/7 live chat service from its customer support team.

Please don’t hesitate to let us know when you have any questions.

Enjoy crypto. Enjoy investment with BitMart.

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