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Institution Account Application Requirements

BitMart has built a market-leading trading platform for institutional clients, and we are pleased to assist you during the account opening process.


Please follow the instructions and start your application process:

  1. Download and finish the Due Diligence Questionnaire Form (Please see "Attachment#1")
  2. Download and finish the Resolution Form (Please see "Attachment#2")
  3. Download and finish the AML/KYC Questionnaire Form (Please see "Attachment#3")

The application form will require your:

  • Entity name
  • Industry
  • Taxpayer Identification Number or Employer Identification Number (If applicable)
  • Date of Formation
  • Types of Business
  • Entity Formation Location (Country or State)
  • Registered Address
  • Business Address
  • Startup (Y or N)
  • Website
  • Authorized Account Signers on BitMart Platform
  • Company Overview
  • Financial Information 
  1. After account registration, please apply for INSTITUTIONAL ACCOUNT here: (DO NOT verify as a personal KYC). We will process the submitted information and give feedback via email as soon as possible. Please contact  for any questions or inquiries.

BitMart has the sole discretion to decide whether to open an institutional account or not. BitMart reserves the right to final interpretation.


Thank you for your support of BitMart!

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