Kommunitas (KOM)

1. Project Introduction

Kommunitas is a blockchain bridging the gap between developers’ fundraising exploits and the community of funders. The project aims to overcome the ‘blockchain trilemma’ that is limiting the many blockchains, including Ethereum. Using the multi-chain technology, Kommunitas supports the EVE based blockchains. It levels the playing field by enabling a developer or a team of developers to launch their project on Kommunitas’ platform and collect $ETH, $BNB, $HECO, $MATIC, or any other Cryptocurrencies supported by the platform. Kommunitas offers users a multichain platform for developers to raise funds, multichain wallet connection, and multichain instant swap and staking opportunities. Through HODLing $KOM Token, we give you the power to be part of the governance structure, earning opportunities through staking and holding rewards, guaranteed allocation of a new project, early adopters/purchasers’ price, and improved safety with advanced security verification and audits. With our tierless system, we project to break into new territories in terms of new project fundraising initiatives.


2. Token Info

  • Token Name: Kommunitas
  • Token Symbol: KOM
  • Total Supply: 2,000,000,000 KOM
  • Token Type: Polygon

3. Useful Links 

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