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Mainnet section breaks new highs, BitMart recommends noteworthy investment opportunities

After a wave of daily retracement, Bitcoin stepped back to $43,934 and hit the $48,000 mark again. In this round of fluctuation, some mainnet tokens performed splendidly, in any event, getting through the new high since May 2021.

SOL and LUNA have turned into the hot things in the market in the past two weeks. When Bitcoin and the whole market fell sharply, these two tokens rose against the trend, getting through the high point before May 19 of every one singular motion, and kept on moving to another high as of now, driving the energy of the mainnet tokens to another high and offering the entire market a chance of energizer. On August 20th, ADA also broke through the record high.



As a new mainnet, the advantage of Solana is that it supplements ethereum's high gas costs and slow approval speed, and it can achieve super-large scale expansion without sharding or other layer 2 foundation. Solana is also“predictable", and developers know that the code will always take effect; It is composability, that is, the segments on the stage can be joined with one another to diminish new items and administrations; It is also highly decentralized, the global nodes are close to 850, which can be supposedto be the mainnet with the most nodes.

Solana's emphasis on ecology is upheld by genuine cash: long-term Grants (ecological support plan), three huge hackthons (10,000 people signed up last time), ecological fund up to $145 million, and creator fund of $5 million supporting NFT project. Solana Labs announced that it has completed a round of private token sales of $ 300 million and will launch a blockchain studio.,to incubate projects, venture capital and run a trading platform.

The Total Value Locked (TVL) of Solana's protocols on the blockchain has now surpassed $2 billion, rising to fifth place in the ranking and breaking new highs in a row.

BitMart Exchange launched $SOL on May 24th, 2021, and its current increase is as high as 359%.



Cardano team announced that it is expected to realize "Alonzo Hard Fork" in September, and then run smart contract. The network was established in 2015 to compete with Ethereum and other decentralized application platforms, but it has not provided an accessible  smart contract for DApp since its establishment six years ago. For Cadano, the impression of the outside world is "the technological revolution initiated by the academia". It’s a sluggish competitor to Ethereum. However, the price of $ADA currency rose 136 times in the past year.

Although $ADA ranks third in market cap value at present, but many people are still questioning. Cardano is developing and operating intensively. Cardano wants to use smart contracts to fight a "turnaround", and one of its goals is DeFi. According to Github data in mid-August, Cardano has the most development activities, followed by mainnets such as Polygon and Solana. In addition, more than 65 projects are already pledged to be released alongside Alonzo, including Synthesis, Miniswap, Stasis and CardWallet. The bull market will continue in 2021, Cardano team will not sit idle.

BitMart Exchange launched $ADA on February 4, 2021, and its current increase is as high as 638%.


Polygon is presumably the largest number of Ethereum expansion schemes. Recently, Polygon's acquisition of Hermez for $ 250 million , may be the second largest acquisition case of blockchain native protocol so far. Therefore, Polygon has completed ZK Rollup's expansion technology, which is the most difficult at present and based on zero-knowledge proof, and is one step closer to the "full-stack" expansion solution provided by them.

Commit-chain like Polygon can internalize the network security of Ethereum by using Ethereum verifier. That is, the commit-chain allows developers to take advantage of the extension of the sidechain, and obtain the security of Ethereum.

Although the transaction volume exceeds nearly four times, the total gas cost of Polygon is still lower than that of Ethereum, which is slightly lower than $40,000, while the daily cost of Ethereum is $21 million.

Currently, Polygon's total value locked(TVL) has reached more than $5 billion, ranking fourth in the mainnets.

Since 2021, the percentage of tokens deployed on Polygon to Ethereum has increased dramatically, from 0 to over 73% in August 2021.

BitMart Exchange launched $Matic on January 13, 2020, and its current increase rate is as high as 13,500%.

In addition to the above three mainnets, there are other mainnets that are rapidly developing and occupying the market, such as Cosmos(ATOM), Avalanche (AVAX)  and Near Protocol (NEAR) , BitMart will continue to recommend high-quality assets in the future.

BitMart Exchange is a premier global digital asset trading platform, ranking among the top 5 crypto exchanges on CoinGecko. Officially operated on March 15, 2018, BitMart currently has over 5,500,000 registered users, with a daily trading volume of about 4 billion US dollars. Headquartered in the Cayman Islands with branch offices in New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, and South Korea, BitMart is now offering 550+ trading pairs in spot market and 160+ trading pairs in futures market.


BitMart Team

August 25, 2021

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