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BitMart Earn - FAQ

1. What is Flexible Savings?
Flexible Savings is a product that pays interest on cryptocurrencies deposited while allowing the funds to be withdrawn at any time. 


2. What is Fixed Savings?
Fixed Savings also pays interest on cryptocurrencies deposited, but unlike Flexible Savings, it has pre-set durations. Funds must remain in the account for fixed terms in order to earn the stated interest.


3. What is subscription date, value date, and redemption date? 

Subscription date is the day you subscribe to an earning product. 

Value date is the day when your earning product will start to accrue interest.

Redemption date is the day you redeem (withdraw) your funds from your earnings account.


4. What is APY ? 

APY stands for annual percentage yield. It is the actual rate of return that you will earn on the product subscribed in one year if the interest is compounded.

5. How is my interest calculated?
Daily Interest = Amount Subscribed (in original cryptocurrency) * (APY/365) 

Total Interest = Amount Subscribed (in original cryptocurrency) * (APY/365) * Duration

6. How will I receive my interest?
For Flexible Savings, interest starts to be accrued the day after the subscription date and will be distributed to your spot wallet within 15 minutes after 04:00 AM UTC  each day until the principal is redeemed. 

*For example, user A subscribes to BTC Flexible Savings product by 0.1 BTC on September 25, his interest starts to accrue on September 26 and will be distributed to his spot wallet between 4:00 AM and 4:15 AM September 27 UTC. 


For Fixed Savings, total interest is calculated based on the pre-set duration and will be distributed together with the principal to your spot wallet within 15 minutes after 4:00 AM UTC the day after the pre-set redemption date.

* For example, if user B subscribes to one lot of the 7-day BTC Fixed Savings product on September 25 UTC, he will receive the principal and the total interest in his spot wallet between 04:00 and 04:15 October 3, UTC.


7. How do I subscribe to a BitMart Earn product?
Click on “Earn” on the navigation board and click on “Subscribe” under the “Action” tab for the product you wish to subscribe to. 


8. How do I redeem my funds?
Click on “Assets” to view the page presenting all your assets, click on“Earn” to view your subscriptions, and click on “Redeem” under the “Action” tab for the product you wish to redeem.


9. What happens to my funds on the day I subscribe to a product?
On the day of subscription, BitMart will deduct the funds for the subscription from your spot wallet and transfer it to your earnings account. Please notice that subscriptions are open 24/7 except 4:00 AM - 4:15 AM UTC every day. 


10. What happens to my funds when I redeem my crypto?

For Flexible Savings, you can redeem your principal anytime (except 4:00 AM - 4:15 AM) daily. The principal will be transferred to your spot wallet immediately after redemption. Funds redeemed will not be counted for interest on the redemption day.


For Fixed Savings, you cannot redeem funds before the pre-set redemption date. Your funds will be redeemed automatically on the redemption date, and both principal and interest will be paid to your spot wallet.  


11. How is the Auto Subscribe function working?

When you turn on the Auto Subscribe function, BitMart will automatically subscribe the available balance of the corresponding token in your spot account to its flexible savings every day at UTC + 0; you can find the auto-subscribe history under [Earn-History]-[Flexible]. You can turn on or off the function anytime under [Account]-[Earn]-[Flexible Earn].

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