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BitMart Joins Forces with Avalaunch to Incubate and Foster the Avalanche Ecosystem

As the pioneer of integrating the Avalanche public chain ecosystems, BitMart focuses on building a dossier, a body of work that will show its pedigree over time. To accomplish this, it is paramount that we build mutually beneficial relationships during the foundational stages of our development and the projects we support. The overarching focus is cultivating lasting relationships with teams and projects that can leverage what our platform offers in a mutually beneficial way.


To that end, we look for established networks that can aid in our collective development: It is not enough to conduct a sale. For us, it is essential that we can plug these projects into a thriving post-sale environment for the benefit of everyone involved.

This is why we are proposing a strategic collaboration with Avalaunch. We believe that Avalaunch has endured, established itself, and is starting to find its stride. As individual endeavors, we both have significant upside, but there is still much we’d like to accomplish.

We at BitMart were fortunate to have noted Avalaunch’s continuing evolution and believe that together, we can actively drive the Avalanche ecosystem forward. BitMart is forward-looking, and we hope that our vision can fold neatly into our users’ future plans. Ideally, BitMart would like to foster the growth of the new and innovative projects we support, leading up to and following their respective launches.

A natural collaboration could be BitMart IDOs along with Avalaunch IEOs. Combining forces will ensure that Avalanche-based solid projects receive adequate exposure, liquidity, and support to differentiate themselves from standard initiatives.

BitMart’s network, platform, and expertise can provide added value to projects in myriad ways, and we are hoping to leverage some of these qualities while providing a pipeline of vetted endeavors to BitMart’s growing roster of listed Assets. 

For Avalaunch, having the opportunity to work this closely with a centralized exchange that is ready, willing, and eager to deploy its resources to accelerate a new technology towards adoption is something they are honored to be a part of. As organizations with shared goals, Avalaunch can synergistically contribute to the success of the worthy initiatives we jointly support.

As part of the path to broader adoption, BitMart values the opportunity to align with such an essential partner as Avalaunch. Avalaunch’s offering of early-stage funding, exposure, incubation, and listings for promising native Avalanche projects represents an excellent opportunity to leverage a devout grassroots community. When combined with BitMart’s worldwide network, this becomes a potent force for shaping an entire ecosystem.

BitMart would look forward to work closely with Avalaunch to push the Avalanche technology, and the teams that build on it, ahead.

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