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NSUR Coin Announces Listing on BitMart Exchange and Pre-Listing Crypto Giveaway to Celebrate

The world’s first high-utility, rewarding and protected crypto to be listed on BitMart January 6, 2022


NSUR Coin (NSUR), the world’s first high utility, rewarding and protected crypto token, announced today it will be listed on BitMart beginning January 6, 2022. NSUR is currently holding a pre-listing giveaway to celebrate its launch on BitMart. All users who sign up for a BitMart account using this link ( prior to launch day will receive 100 NSUR Coin as a reward.

NSUR Coin was built on the Binance Smart Chain and minted with 200 billion tokens. It is the token that powers NSUR Inc., a health and wellness marketplace and protected platform.

NSUR Coin was created to have real-world utility from day one. Many tokens have launched without utility, but NSUR Coin goes against this trend,” stated Mark Peters, Founder and CEO of NSUR Inc.

Mark continued, “On launch day NSUR’s more than 180,000 account holders could use NSUR Coin to purchase health and wellness products and services from the NSUR Marketplace. The marketplace already has many merchants accepting NSUR Coin, and more to be announced in the coming weeks.” Applications to become a merchant can be completed at

NSUR Coin is also the backbone of NSUR’s robust reward program, which gives free tokens to users registered on NSUR’s platform ( for the simplest activities.

Rosemary Peters, COO and co-founder of NSUR Inc, explained: “What’s great about using NSUR Coin to purchase products and services through the Marketplace, is that our members not only benefit from getting discounts but also enjoy and getting rewarded in free NSUR Coin.”

Community members receive rewards for many activities, including growing the community, making purchases, taking surveys and other transactions in the market.

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NSUR, Inc. is a rewarding, crypto marketplace that protects NSUR Coin token holders from loss of value via its proprietary Value Protection Program. NSUR Coin was deployed on the Binance Smart Chain Blockchain. The utility token acts as a bridge between merchants who provide health and wellness goods and services (think telemedicine, insurance, supplements, prescriptions, etc.) and users who require these items. It is the first token that is protected as part of NSUR’s Proprietary Protected LaunchPad, which will be unveiled in 2022.

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