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BitMart's 2021 Recap: Waving Bye A Year Full Of Surprises


Dear BitMart Users, Community Members, and Partners:

Thank you for being with us for another year of full bloom!

Founded in 2017, BitMart has experienced a noticeable growth spurt, as evident from a 100x increase in daily active users and a doubling of team members in the past 12 months. We have also launched several new functions in the easy-to-use category, including buy & sell channels, flexible savings, and fixed savings for our 9 million users globally. Besides, we have been making unremitting efforts in strengthening our systematic fundamentals as we know those cornerstones provide an impregnable stage for all the performances we had in 2021.

At the same time, we confronted challenges. When we noticed the security breach, we acted fast to protect our customers’ assets and spent our time and efforts to enhance the systematic protections against cyber attacks and future uncertain times.

As we walk into 2022, we want to share with you our valuable moments of last year. But before we dive in, we’d love to review some market indicators as they may provide you with a general idea of the industry throughout the year 2021.

Bitcoin’s Up and Down
At the time of writing this review, Bitcoin (BTC)'s price sits at $51,421.85, although it almost doubled its price when compared to the same time in 2020, we all know it went through some thrilling ups and downs over the past year. Bitcoin started the year strong, in February, it surged to an all-time high at around $40,000. You may recall the candle Elon Musk lit in March, with a tweet announcing that Tesla products could be purchased by Bitcoin. Two months later, the crypto plunged to a new low of the year, but the price bounced back in July. After a rise in October, it left a mark at around $67,000.

Ethereum’s Strong Performance
Like many cryptos, 2021 is also a great year for Ethereum. It began with the price of $720, but as of right now, it has a price of $4,124. Besides the price skyrocketing, Ethereums’ blockchain has been playing an underpinning role for DeFi space as well as NFTs. However, since the next generation of crypto (metaverse and Web 3.0) will not be built on Ethereum, the project needs to find its way to keep up with the ever-changing market.


Here’s to More Meme Tokens
Meme tokens were created back in 2013, but their popularity never stop growing. Thanks to Elon last year, Dogecoin, one of the most popular memes tokens were “sent to the moon”. However, the price of those tokens is extremely volatile as meme tokens can be created upon trending topics and buyers can easily lose interest and move on.

About Mainnet
Although Ethereum currently accounts for 70% of the public chain, new public chains are still growing rapidly. Popular merges in public chains include but are not limited to Solana, Fantom, Avalanche. The new generation of public chains hold the banner of high performance, and the well-known applications on the chain are lackluster. 

A Breakthrough Year for NFTs
Although 2021 is not the year in which Non-fungible Tokens (NFT) are invented, it is for sure a year that NFTs went mainstream. Later in the year, “NFTs” and “Metaverse” were trending on social media platforms all around the world. NFTs’ first notable price surge happened to “Crypto Punks” with some of the characters suddenly worth a million dollars, after a twinkling of an eye, many of the Crypto Punk’s characters rose to unreachable prices.

The Metaverse and GameFi
Metaverse existed long before Facebook’s parenting company changed its name to Meta. But last year saw an enormous growth for the metaverse and GameFi as the two are almost always trending among people’s search. Many believe 2022 is going to be a huge year for the metaverse and GameFi.

BitMart by the Numbers


BitMart Exchange

  • 9,000,000+ registered users globally
  • 100,000+ highest new user registration in single day
  • 10,000% increase in daily active users
  • $4 billion all-time-high daily trading volume on BitMart Spot
  • $750 billion total trading volume on BitMart Spot
  • 585 new tokens listed on BitMart (including SOL, ADA, LUNA, AVAX, DOGE, SHIB, NEAR, FTM, MANA, AXS, etc.)
  • 736 total trading pairs on BitMart
  • 22 tokens listed on BitMart Shooting Star
  • No.3 highest ranking on CoinGecko
  • No.5 highest app ranking in Finance Apps
  • No.24 highest app ranking in App Store Overall
  • 390,000 Twitter followers
  • 140,000 Telegram members


BitMart Futures

  • $100 million all-time-high daily trading volume on BitMart Futures
  • $3 billion total trading volume on BitMart Futures
  • 160+ perpetual contracts listed on BitMart Futures

BitMart Buy & Sell with MoonPay and Simplex

  • $100 million total order volume
  • $4.8 million all-time-high daily trading volume
  • 280,000+ transactions processed
  • 60 fiat currencies supported
  • 44 cryptocurrencies supported
  • 2 payment options (Visa, Mastercard) accepted worldwide

BitMart Earn

  • 4 flexible saving products
  • 4 fixed saving products
  • $50,000,000+ total subscribed volume


BitMart Token (BMX)

  • 16,749,452 BMX burned
  • $2,805,520 worth of BMX burned
  • $0.495 all-time-high price

BitMart Venture Capital

  • 80+ projects invested
  • $8,000,000+ in investments made so far


BitMart 2021 Highlights
Jan. 8: BitMart launched its new fee system, with dedicated tiered rates for its regular and advanced users. Users can also use BMX to pay fees with a discount of up to 35% off.

Jan. 26: BitMart API began to support Websocket to make data transactions more efficient between our clients and our server.

Feb. 8: BitMart announced a strategic partnership on improving the security level of its trading platform with SlowMist Technology, a leading blockchain security consulting company with over 10 years of front-line cybersecurity defense experience.

Feb. 23: BitMart updated the spot trading market with two modes. The standard mode provides a simple and easy-to-use interface while the advanced one enables professional users to have full access to all trading tools.

Mar. 4: BitMart supported 40+ new cryptocurrencies on our fiat-to-crypto channel. Users are able to purchase BTC, ETH, USDT, and more with up to 60 fiat currencies.

Mar. 23: A new price alert feature is offered on the BitMart App, giving users the possibility to receive a notification when the price of a specific cryptocurrency hits the target price defined.

Apr. 21: BitMart Token (BMX) hit a 24-month all-time-high price at $0.2971.

May 11: A new message center feature was revealed on the BitMart App, enabling users to reach different kinds of notifications and announcements more easily.

May 24: BitMart Co-hosted the Next Top Blockchain Startup Competition. By co-hosting the event, BitMart shows its determination to build the stage for blockchain technology education and its support for the future prosperity of the crypto market.

Jul. 20: BitMart’s official verification channel was live, this feature helps lower customers’ risk of being scammed; QR code scanning feature for web login revealed on BitMart App.

Jul. 26: BitMart pioneered in the integration with four fast-growing mainnets, Solana, Polygon, Avalanche, and NEAR Protocol. These integrations help provide users with a more seamless and cost-efficient experience when moving funds between our exchange and the 4 networks.


Aug. 12: BitMart improved its account system making asset transfer easier for users; Spot trading function is optimized, under which users can revoke all orders with a single button.

Aug. 18: BitMart is certified on CCXT, a JavaScript/Python/PHP library for cryptocurrency trading and e-commerce with support for bitcoin/ether/altcoin exchange markets and merchant APIs. In addition, BitMart WS API is supported by CCXT Pro.


Sep. 9: BitMart Token (BMX) reached an all-time high price at $0.4950.

Sep. 17: BitMart enabled crypto-to-fiat transactions. Partnering with MoonPay and Simplex, BitMart is now providing seamless fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat channels.


Sep. 17: BitMart Earn launched, it is a one-stop hub on BitMart where holders can subscribe to multiple flexible saving and fixed saving products.

Sep. 20: As a pioneer in the public chain ecosystem, BitMart hosted the 2021 Mainnet 1.0 online event (September) and the 2021 Mainnet 2.0 online event (November). Besides, BitMart held a Mainnet related private event with Fenbushi Capital in New York City (September) and an NFT related private event in Miami (November), showing our forward-thinking and leadership in the industry.

Nov. 28: BitMart announced Series B Raise Led by Alexander Capital Ventures, a New York private equity firm that also invested in well-known industry disruptors: Airbnb and Spotify, and Kraken, and joined by Alpha Square Group, Chaos Ventures, and others at a valuation of over $300 million. Investors acknowledged our tremendous growth and success in the industry, and they are looking forward to seeing our metaverse development as well as our expansion on social connection, experimentation, and entertainment.


Dec. 4: BitMart’s Risk Control Team identified several abnormal transactions. Shortly afterward, our Security Team confirmed we had been subject to a large-scale attack and immediately began rolling out a security response to ensure the security of our users and their assets.

Dec. 21: BitMart held the Christmas Metaverse event. We are giving out a total of one million dollars in giveaways, marking it the largest prize pool we ever built since we established the company in 2017.

2022 Looking Ahead


Enhancing Security On All Levels
Security has always been our top priority since BitMart was founded in 2017. Unfortunately, last year, we were subject to a large-scale cyber attack. This event urged us to spend even more effort to defend the security of user assets. Looking ahead, our team will continue to work alongside cybersecurity experts, ecosystem partners, and regulators to further strengthen our capacity against attacks and security breaches. In the coming months, we seek to continuously enhance BitMart security and risk control systems to provide users a more safe and secure environment.

Embracing Compliances
No matter which year we are in, we hold our core values and our company culture close. The business we are in is only going to thrive on reliability and transparency, which we have to work with governments and authorities to secure. Our CEO once noted, “The US is the country with the most regulated framework of the blockchain industry.” We have been embracing compliances in all our endeavors and will continue our hard work under all applied regulations.

Providing Better User Experience
A professional platform and a great user experience are what we want to provide you. We will further this goal in 2022 by seeking more strategic resources and looking for the leading and professional strategic partners. We will continue putting effort into building an all-in-one trading platform with a better user interface to maximize your experience at our exchange.

Building The Ecosystem
We will be expanding the derivatives market and consolidating better and smoother fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat cycles. Our future goals include enriching the functions of our own platform tokens (BMX) and building an NFT Market where our users can buy, sell, and create NFTs. We hope what we are building becomes a true marketplace of ideas that cares about creativity and transparency.

Furthermore, BitMart's investment arm, which has a war chest of over $50MM, will continue to invest and support the growth of the cryptocurrency ecosystem in parallel with the traditional financial world. The venture team recently made multiple strategic investments across key sectors within the industry, such as metaverse, infrastructure, GameFi, and DeFi. We currently are and will be partnering with industry leaders and crypto enthusiasts, and we will remain a pioneer in the industry as it works to create and oversee the rise of the multidimensional crypto world.

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