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Sub-Account User Guide

What is a Sub-Account?

Institutional interest in the cryptocurrency market has been on the rise over the past few years, and in most cases, institutional users will have the following claims.

  1. Risk control requirements, where institutions need to segregate transactions for multiple investment trading strategies and investment departments, e.g., institutions will have departments dedicated to operating spot, leveraged, and contract trading, and different departments will need separate statistics related to transactions.
  2. Most of the transactions of institutional clients will be implemented using APIs, and repeated calls to the same account API alone will have security risks and need to be isolated.
  3. Each sub-account has a separate username and password. They can be given custom permissions. To further protect the assets in the main account, sub-account users are not allowed to withdraw assets directly and can only do so after the sub-accounts have transferred the assets to their respective main accounts.

Therefore, we need to provide features that can enable institutions to have a main account to unify the management of sub-accounts under their name, allowing users to realize the creation of sub-accounts to help them divide their work and achieve separation of transactions, permissions, and statistics to manage transactions more efficiently and securely. __2022-04-22___4.44.55.png

Sub-Account Features 



Account Management 

Create and manage sub-accounts, support resetting the password, username, and 2FA verification of sub-accounts, support freezing a risky sub-account at any time, and support turning on and off the spot trading and fund transfer privileges of sub-accounts.

API Management 

Create and edit sub-account API keys and API access rights. 

Asset Management 

Support to view the main account balance and all sub-accounts. Simply click [Transfer] to instantly transfer assets between your main account and sub-accounts for free. 

Order Management 

Support to view [Open Order] [Order History] and [Trade History] of all sub-accounts.

Transfer History 

Support to view transfer records related to all sub-accounts and main account.


How to Create a Sub-Account? 



  1. Move the mouse to [My Account] - Click [Sub-account] - [Account Management] - Click [Create Sub-account].
  2. Please use email to create the account. The email of each account cannot be shared with others.
  3. After the account is created, you can view the account in the account management list and manage the account rights here.
  4. This operation needs to be verified by MFA. 

API Management


  1. This page supports the creation and management of API Key for the sub-accounts under the main account, and supports the modification of the API rights of the sub-accounts at any time, and the modification of the rights of the sub-accounts themselves will also affect the rights of API calls.
  2. The creation, editing and deletion of sub-account APIs are subject to MFA verification. 


Asset Management mceclip4.png

  1. This page allows you to view the balance of the main account and all sub-accounts as well as their aggregated balance. We use the corresponding BTC or fiat currency to indicate the value.
  2. Simply click [Transfer Asset] to instantly transfer assets between the main account and sub-accounts for free. 

Asset Transfer 

  1. When a main account logs in to this page, it supports transferring between all sub-accounts under its name, from the main account to sub-account and from sub-account to main account, but it is impossible to select two identical transferring accounts.
  2. This page supports a quick search of available assets with balance in the main account and sub-account under your name.
  3. The transfer operation needs to be verified by MFA.

Order Management


  1. Support to view [Open Order] [Order History] and [Trade History] of all sub-accounts.
  2. Support filtering of orders by currency and sides. 

Transfer History


  1. Support to view transfer history related to all sub-accounts and main accounts.
  2. Support filtering of transfer history by time range and account name.


Q: Do all sub-accounts enjoy the same discounted transaction fees as the main account?

A: We do not support this feature at this time and will update it later. Currently, sub-accounts need to configure special rates to be consistent with the main account rates.


Q: Do my sub-accounts enjoy the same API order limit?

A: Yes, each sub-account has the same API tiered flow limit frequency as the corresponding main account. Note: Each sub-account can create up to 5 API Keys.


Q: Do sub-accounts require 2FA?

A: Every time you log in to your sub-account and do not have 2FA verification, you will be prompted to verify that you have bound your sub-account, so it is recommended that you turn on Google Authenticator for your sub-account to ensure account security.


Q: Can I withdraw assets from my sub-account?

A: No, only the main account can withdraw assets. The sub-account itself does not support withdrawals and must be transferred to the main account before withdrawals can be made.


Q: Is there a limit to the number of sub-accounts I can create?

A: The current creation limit is 50. 


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