Adappter Token (ADP)

1. Project Introduction

Adappter creates ‘the Pleasant World’ connected by a Blockchain where users, partners, and everyone together improve value based on the spirit of fairness, sharing, and trust. Every moment you enjoy in the Adappter ecosystem Is converted into value and rewarded to all users in the ecosystem. Adappter will provide a solution that helps individuals, companies, sellers, and users coexist with each other for the objective of happiness and profits.
ADP is Token published by Adappter, operated within the Ethereum platform (ERC20), and used as a key currency in the addapter ecosystem. It can convert AP, which was received as compensation for partner contents, to ADP and it will continue for 20 years. In the future, it will provide real-life payment functions for purchasing goods, items, and products.
Adappter expands the ecosystem through running the media, community, and content-based reward platforms for various categories such as blockchain, games, K-WAVE(Hallyu), fintech, beauty, and sports.


2. Token Info

  • Token Name: Adappter Token
  • Token Symbol: ADP
  • Total Supply: 4,960,497,045 ADP
  • Token Type: ERC20


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