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BitMart NFT Market To Be Launched [User Guide]

Dear BitMart Users, 


BitMart is thrilled to announce the launch of its NFT marketplace on June 6, 2022. Registered users can directly purchase NFTs listed on the BitMart marketplace by using the cryptocurrency assets in their spot market account.


How to buy NFTs on the BitMart marketplace?

The process of buying NFTs on the BitMart marketplace is simple. Starting from June 6, 2022, BitMart registered users can directly use their current spot market account to purchase NFTs. There’s no need to register a new wallet. Watch the NFT markeplace user guide video:

Step One: 

Open, explore the available NFTs in the marketplace, and select the one you would like to purchase.


Step Two:

Once you select the NFT, click on “buy now” in the purchase page. BitMart will deduct the corresponding assets.


Step Three:

To see the NFT in your wallet, go to “My NFT Assets” and select Collection. You will be able to check your historical transactions in “Order History”.


BitMart NFT marketplace features zero transaction fees. Please visit the NFT detail page to verify and validate historical ownership. If you haven't registered with BitMart yet, you can create an account here. To learn more about the BitMart NFT marketplace, please visit our Help Center.


How to sell or withdraw the NFT to the external wallet?

Step One: Find the account information on the top right side of the NFT trading page, click NFT assets.


Step Two: Click on withdraw button. 


Step Three: Select the blockchain network of the NFT.


Step Four: Enter your withdrawal address. Please make sure that the withdrawal address you entered is correct and compatible with Bitmart's NFT withdrawal service, otherwise, your assets may be lost, click OK to continue to the next step. Please note the withdrawal fees will be deducted directly from your spot account. Please ensure that your spot account has sufficient funds before withdrawing.


Step Five: You now have successfully submitted a pull request! The withdrawal will be completed within 30 minutes, depending on the network speed.


Step Six: You can check your withdrawal history in your "Order History" tab. 



Q & A

Q1. What is a non-fungible token (NFT)?

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a cryptographic token that represents a unique asset. They function as verifiable proofs of authenticity and ownership within a blockchain network.

Q2. What is BitMart NFT Marketplace?

BitMart NFT Marketplace brings together NFT enthusiasts, crypto inventors, and artists on a single platform to create, purchase, and trade premium NFTs.

Q3: How to buy NFT in the BitMart NFT marketplace?

BitMart NFT marketplace supports fixed-price NFTs. Before purchasing the NFT, you will need to register a BitMart account. If you’re new to BitMart, please register a BitMart account here, which takes less than a few minutes.  When you’re buying an NFT, you need to confirm the balance of the asset in your BitMart account. After successfully loging into your account, you can explore the NFT Marketplace and find an NFT you would like to buy.

Q4: How to find the NFT contract address?

BitMart NFT marketplace currently supports ERC-721 tokens. You can view the corresponding contract address in "ERC-721" under the Etherscan page.

Q5: What are the fees of the BitMart NFT marketplace?

  1. Trading Fees: When you sell or buy an NFT, a platform service fee will be incurred. Bitmart NFT charges a flat 1% trading fee. For a limited time, BitMart will be featuring a 0% trading fee!
  2. Royalty Fees: NFT royalty fees are payments to compensate the original NFT creators with a percentage of the sale price each time the NFT is sold. Sellers need to pay a certain royalty fee to the creator.

Q6. What’s the floor price?

The floor price represents the lowest price of the item at the listed price, not the average price, and the price is updated in real-time, which leads to the price determination for both parties when bidding.

Q 7. Where can I check the history transaction of an NFT?

All NFT transactions will be recorded. These records will be displayed in the details page, via the [Provence] tab.


Terms and Conditions

  1. Users must complete KYC Level 2 to be eligible to participate in BitMart NFT market activities.
  2. All participating users must strictly abide by the BitMart Terms of Service. 
  3. Subject to change without notice.
  4. BitMart reserves the right of final interpretation of the terms and conditions of this event. If you have any questions, please contact customer service. 
  5. The BitMart NFT market is only available on the web page for now. The mobile app version (iOS and Android) will be launched soon.
  6. For more details regarding Terms and Conditions for BitMart NFT Marketplace, please refer to the link 


Thanks for your support! Hope you love our new feature!


BitMart Team,

May 23, 2022


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