Realms Of Ethernity (RETH)

1. Project Introduction


The RETH token is designed to be the main token of the game, used for trading in-game valuable NFT assets and items, while players will risk their lives fighting monsters or complete quests for the in-game gold coins. This separate use of token and in-game currency works to fuel the incentives to play and secures our players with a stable and sustainable economy - which is of top priority when we design the game. $RETH holders will be also able to participate in governance of the platform via a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), where they can exercise voting rights on key decisions of The Ethernity ecosystem.


2. Coin Info


  • Token Name: Realms Of Ethernity
  • Token Symbol: RETH
  • Token Type: Polygon
  • Circulating Supply: 17,500,000 RETH
  • Total Supply: 1,378,000,000 RETH


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