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Institutional Account Verification Instruction

What is KYC?

KYC stands for “Know Your Customer.” KYC guidelines for financial services require professionals to verify the identity, suitability, and risks involved with a potential customer to minimize the risk to the respective account(s).


Why is KYC required?

KYC is necessary to improve security compliance for all traders. Customers will need to complete the KYC verification process to access all of BitMart’s features, including spot trading, futures trading, earning, staking, and higher deposits and withdrawal limits. If you do not complete the KYC process, you will not be able to access all that BitMart currently offers.


We currently allow users to complete the verification process using our website.

  1. Visit to log in to your BitMart account. If you do not have an account, register via
  1. Go to the BitMart homepage. Move the cursor to your username (top-right corner), and then you will see a drop-down menu. Click “Account.”


  1. With an unverified BitMart account (Level 0 account), you will not be able to withdraw any assets. You are required to complete basic Identity Verification before your first withdrawal. Click “Details” for more info about different account levels.


  1. Click “Institution Verification'' to start verifying your identity. Please do not click through Level 1 & Level 2; these are for personal account KYC.



  1. You will be directed to the pages of Institution Verification. Please follow the instructions to fill in the blanks and submit all the required documents.


*Please note the required questionnaires are the following:


  1. Due Diligence Questionnaire Form (Please see "Attachment #1")
  2. Resolution Form (Please see "Attachment # 2")
  3. AML/KYC Questionnaire Form (Please see "Attachment # 3")


  1. Upon submission, you will receive an email confirming your application. If there are any missing documents or information, we will reject the application, and you can resubmit your application again through the portal.


  1. Once approved, you will receive an email notification, and your account level will adjust to “Institution.”


If you have further questions, please contact


Congratulations on verifying your Institutional Account!


We hope you will enjoy your time with BitMart!




BitMart Team

June 21, 2022


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