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BitMart Affiliate Management User Guide

Please be informed that BitMart Affiliate Program has officially launched, all the BitMart Affiliates can refer to the following user guide for further processing:

After BitMart affiliate user(s) login to their BitMart account portal, the "Affiliate Management" will be displayed.


The BitMart Affiliate Management majority is covered by 4 sections which are Direct Commission, Sub-Commission, Sub-Affiliate, and Dashboard.


1.    Direct Commission


The affiliate user can based on the User ID/Futures Account Activation Time/ Base Coin search the necessary data within a certain period.


The list under Direct Commissions shows the user ID, account equity, unrealized profit and loss, realized profit and loss, available balance, registration time, futures account activation time, first futures transaction time, first deposit time, cumulative deposit, cumulative transaction volume, accumulated transaction fees, and cashback ratio.



The affiliate user is able to adjust/amend their direct user’s cashback ratio by clicking the Setting button.

For example, if the affiliate’s commission rebate is 40% and the affiliate user set the direct user’s cashback ratio to 10%. In result, direct users will get a 10% transaction fee rebate from their trading, and the affiliate will get a 30% (40%-10%) transaction fee rebate from the direct user.


2.    Sub-Commission


The information can be filtered by Sub-affiliate ID/Sub-affiliate creation time/Base Coin/Data Time.


Sub Commission section will display User ID, 2nd-level 3rd-level & 4th-level’s affiliate ID, account equity, unrealized PNL, realized PNL, available balance, registration time, futures account activation time, first futures transaction time, first deposit time, cumulative deposit, cumulative transaction volume, accumulated transaction fee and cumulative commission rebate.



3.    Sub-Affiliate


Affiliate user(s) can create their own next-level affiliate(s). The affiliate level can be up to 4 levels. The process of creating a next-level affiliate is as follows: You need to enter the CID of the sub-affiliate(s) user that you wish to invite and the commission rebate ratio. At the same time, you need to select a sub-affiliate language.


After filling in all the necessary info, you click submit and the creation will be successful.


The search criteria under Sub-affiliate can be filtered by Sub-affiliate ID/Sub-affiliate creation time/Base Coin.


The entire list shows the element of each affiliate [starting from 2nd-level affiliate(s) and to 4th-level affiliate(s)] with all the IDs, commission rebate ratio, creation time, cumulative traders, cumulative trading volume, cumulative PNL, cumulative transaction fees, cumulative commission, and my commission.

Superior Affiliate ID means registering via this user ID’s code.



4.    Dashboard


The dashboard will indicate the commission rebate ratio and the amount of accumulated commission.

The Withdraw button will lead the user directly to a further withdrawal. The affiliate's invitation ID and an invitation link will be shown on the Dashboard.

The Detail button will pop up all levels of commission details.




4 aspects of data that will be displayed are direct user(s), deposited user(s), transacted user(s), and sub-affiliate(s) in the affiliate's account.


All charts can be filtered for a time range of data.

The recent transactions show the total number of orders traded, which is the number of orders traded by all direct customers of affiliates, and the number of orders traded by the direct clients of a sub-affiliate.

Direct user commissions are the commissions generated by directly invited users.

Sub-partner commission means the commissions generated by the sub-affiliate.

Direct user trading volume can be defined as the 1st-level affiliate’s direct client trading volume.



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