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BitMart Broker Program



What is BitMart Broker Program

Grow your business and earn commission from trading fees by leveraging BitMart's liquidity and market depth


What We Offer

What Kinds of Brokers We are Looking For

  • Trading Bot 
  • Trading Platform
  • Crypto Wallet Service 
  • Copy Trading Service
  • Hedge Fund Service 
  • Asset Management
  • Trading Strategies 
  • Social Trading Platform
  • Swap Platform 
  • Exchange 

More type will be supported in the future 


Our Advantages 

  • Competitive Rebate Rate 
  • 24/7 Comprehensive Support
  • Easy Onboarding 
  • Outstanding Liquidity
  • Excellent API Function

Broker Benefits

  • 40%+ Commission Rate 
  • Branding Support
  • Joint Campaign 
  • Partnership Announcement 


If you have any questions, please contact our broker team at

BitMart reserves all rights of the final explanation.


Thank you for choosing BitMart 

BitMart Team


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