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BitMart Elite Program FAQ

  1. How can I get the airdrop if I have a  BitMart Elite NFT?
    • If you are currently holding the BitMart Elite NFT, you will automatically receive a mystery airdrop worth up to $100 on September 1st.
  2. What happens to the Elite NFT after 15 September? Can it be traded after that or retained for future membership? Does membership end after 15 September?
    • The trading and withdrawal function are not available after September 15th. After the effective period of Elite NFT Membership ends, users can hold the NFT and trade it on other secondary NFT marketplaces.
  3. How to participate in the launchpad of  BitMart elite NFT?
  4. What's the total supply of Elite NFT?
    • The total supply of Elite NFTs will be 1,000, and 500 of the NFTs will be listed on the Flash Sale Launchpad.
  5. What’s the difference between Elite V1 and V2?
    • The new Elite V2 has a different design and different set of benefits but still has VIP trading fees and mystery airdrop.
  6.  If BitMart has different versions coming every month, how are you planning to retain demand and a higher floor price of every 1000 NFT for each version?
    • The price is set for users to take advantage of the benefits as proof of membership in NFT. Traders can trade older versions of NFTs after the benefits period if they’d like but trading will be unavailable during each benefits period.
  7. If I have Elite NFT V1, can I buy Elite NFT V2?
    • Yes, absolutely! there is no conflict between buying Elite NFT 2 and holding Elite NFT 1 at the same time. 
  8. After the benefit period is over, what's the use of Elite NFT as a holder or a buyer?
    • The NFT is a utility NFT, you can keep and hold it as an NFT. But the effective period of members-only benefits is no longer available anymore.

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