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Play to Earn 5 Minutes A Day! HoneyWood To Launch on BitMart

HoneyWood, a play-and-earn blockchain game, has been launched on BitMart NFT Marketplace on August 29, 2022 at 12:00.


What is HoneyWood?


HoneyWood, a play-and-earn game running on an independent blockchain, allows individuals to play for 5 minutes a day and earn, bringing together entertainment with rewards. In this game, players can build their farms, breed bees, and battle against others in a 7×7 match3 arena. Also, players can actively earn cryptocurrency while playing and having fun.

In HoneyWood, the player's assets can be acquired from the marketplace or the game store. The game store is dedicated to trading items in exchange for HoneyCoin. Items purchased in the store include bees, apiaries, trees, decorations, and field tiles. The marketplace will launch in Q4, allowing players to trade game items and NFTs between players.



HoneyWood, New P&E Crypto Game NFT Blockchain P2E | Battle in the blockchain game Honeywood!


What is HoneyWood NFT?

NFTs will come in multiple forms in the game, including a variety of objects for use and trade. 



Bees will have multiple functions and utility in HoneyWood are not only generators of honey. In the first version of the game at launch, they are the base-forms for future unique NFT bees that will become available with future releases. Each bee will have its own unique features automatically generated in random order.



Bears are not simply game characters; they are also digital asset NFTs. Each Bear has a name generated by the system during its creation. The names are not locked and can be edited. Each Bear will be unique in the whole system and become the bear's "identity card".

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